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Betty KarrSimple and Easy
by Betty Karr

“Simple and easy” implies a way of being in the world that brings about a feeling of harmony, balance and ease. The deepest sense of reality at the highest expansion is seen as perfect love. At that level we have no resistance to vibrations or interactions of others. It is in that state that one perceives life as “simple and easy”, and the circle as One Mind.

We all need certain practices to continue to grow in mind, heart and spirit. If we are participating in a circle that is considered a sacred place with equal and shared leadership, we can feel love expressed as caring, kindness, patience, courage, forgiveness and best of all, a sense of expansion into a unified field. There can be an awareness of being one with all life.

Having the support of circle can be multidimensional insight, arising from the heart-to-heart link which cuts through surface distinctions to capture the truth. The combined wisdom and compassion of the circle can be a catalyst for the individual to feel nourished, whole, safe and unconditionally loved. The person who emerges from the circle experience with an expanded heart, creates a tremendously hopeful outlook for humanity and our planet. As we act from love, wisdom and non-judgment, we benefit in many important ways and our life’s journey will appear to be simple, easy and effortless.

Justine TomsSimple and Easy
by Justine Toms

Recently I attended a circle of conveners of the Millionth Circle in Ashland, Oregon. As is our custom, we began by calling in spirit followed with a round of check-ins. One of the themes that came up again and again was, "I want whatever it is that I do to be simple and easy."

I came to that circle feeling rather smashed by a tidal wave of both good and bad news. My head was full of many wide-ranging issues about which I care deeply—whales beaching themselves because of sonar testing, clean campaign financing, legislation to help to end the war in Iraq, and even finding a way to help raise funds for a skateboard park that would benefit our local teenagers. The words "simple and easy" did not seem to surround those issues spinning in my head. Even now as I think of these concerns it feels like hard and complex work. I'm tempted to say, "I'm just one person. What can I do?"

As I think back to the "simple and easy" theme of our circle, I begin to breathe easier knowing I am not alone in my quest to keep myself fresh and healthy while continuing to participate in the public dialogue and action. What keeps it simple and easy for me is knowing I am one member of a big circle of brilliant women who keep themselves informed and who care about what kind of future we will leave for our children and grandchildren.

I'm blessed to be part of several circles. Some meet face-to-face on a regular basis and others meet "virtually," on-line in private email circles. A few meet both ways. Some are made up of women only, and some include both men and women. What I love about all these circles is the balance: Each member is committed to contributing in a meaningful way to support the life on our planet. And each member knows the only way to keep pressing on is to keep her life in balance. So we spend part of our time educating ourselves and part of our time in celebration of the wondrous lives we are living. We remind each other to nurture ourselves, to laugh at ourselves, and to listen deeply to one another. If there is any semblance of sanity in my life at all, it is due in large part to my circles, my friends of the heart.

I wish you the blessing of a circle of hearts to join with you in the spirit of education, action, and celebration.

Onnolee StevensSimple and Easy
by Onnolee/Onzie

To be honest – my life seems almost 180 degrees turned around from that.

What I mean is: I have two new hospice patients (what ever happened to the one per volunteer); I am having a supper party for my "lay chaplain" group (what I mean is: why would I ever think I could be or want to be a "lay chaplain"); I am getting a new puppy (what I mean is: "Are you crazy? I feel like a 49 year old woman who decides to have her first child out of wedlock just because she's still fertile and thinks a baby would be nice); I'm going to Japan to sing with my Peace Choir for Hiroshima day (what I mean is: what loving parent would abandon her new child three months after birth?); And what about my glorious garden and my unfinished baskets (what I mean is—I'm not even going there!); Or going to court with my Code Pink buddies who were jailed for protesting forest cutting which will take a whole day or getting all the volunteers for our Nature Center's Garden tour. And all of these held in Circle!

I'm afraid to even continue; what I mean is—-I am so grateful to have these opportunities in my life that I almost can't breathe.

Yet – maybe simple and easy means living life with "passion" and "joy" and " bubbling up delight". And there are tears there for the millions who do not have the health, safety, or basic resouces to effect this enjoyment. What I mean is: thank you Millionth Circle for the opportunity to come to this knowing.


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