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Joan KenleyJoan Kenley Radio Show Moves to San Francisco
960 AM, The Quake
Saturdays at 5PM

Circle Sisters, I wanted to let you know that I've been experiencing Circle in a whole new way since February 11th of this year. I launched my radio show – which we're now describing as "Conversation Radio" rather than "talk radio" – with a circle microphones for my guests in my home studio. This room was anointed as a place where meaningful conversations — designed around a specific theme — would take place. In advance of the recording the show, the ideas and the arc of the program is co-created with our guests – to bring each person's gifts into the room. Our intention from the beginning was to offer the audience words to touch each listener's mind, body, heart, and soul. I learned so much during those first months, and with no advertising, the show took on a life of it's own – getting thousands of hits every week on the archived programs.

I was pleasantly surprised this summer to be invited to move my show from Monterey, Carmel, and Santa Cruz to San Francisco and The Greater Bay Area on Air America's Clear Channel progressive radio station in San Francisco. It's the one that features Al Franken and Ed Schultz weekdays. We first thought we'd have the 9PM slot on Saturday's, but no one felt that was where we were meant to be. Two days before the first airdate, September 9th, we were told we were being moved – starting September 16th – to Saturdays at 5PM – much better! Of course, all the past programs will remain available for listening 24/7 on my website and transferable to MP3 players as well.

We've just to decided to air the Welcoming Show twice: September 9th (tonight, as I'm writing this!), and the 16th because it tells what we're all about and reviews lively segments from previous shows. Peter B. Collins, who invited me into this adventure of radio land, interviews me for this program with humor, interest, and sensitivity. My new program producer is Shari Berger, and she's brought a wealth of talent to the project. Hope you can all tune in from wherever you are. Feedback is always welcome.

I was so pleased to have Justine Toms and Jean Bolen from our Millionth Circle here with Isabelle Allende. And another program, which is devoted to Circle, was also recorded that day with Jean and Justine, so that we can have phone calls from the Conveners of the Millionth Circle chime in when we put that show in post production for a future airdate.

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