Millionth Circle


Penny McManigalHow the Millionth Circle Newsletter Began
By Penny McManigal

The Millionth Circle began with a mission to encourage others to create circles, believing that when enough people have come together to speak in sacred circles that a critical mass will be achieved and the world will finally be able to birth a shift, a paradigm change, one which can support all of the brothers and sisters of Planet Earth to learn to live in harmony with one another. As a Convener of The Millionth Circle I wanted to see some concrete demonstration of this vision as it emerged and grew.

My father had been a very fine civil engineer for the State of California and his work in the world was to build bridges, whether over little creeks or complex highway connections to four level structures in huge cities. One of the basic criteria for building ANY bridge is to have a reason to build it. Having a Millionth Circle Newsletter which could share our vision and values and could be sent out in whatever direction the winds might blow it, seemed practical and like a fine idea to me! Being an artist and a community activist it was an easy step: JUST DO IT and the rest will work itself out.

And so our newsletter began in 2003, four issues at every change of the season (something we all share on this planet).  Soon Justine Toms and Linda Merryman joined our great Newsletter adventure team. Recently Betty Karr brought us color and a template. 

Our newsletter is not just FROM us; it is OF all of us!  If we of The Millionth Circle are to succeed and our vision is to grow it will be because each of us who reads this newsletter will also be willing to share some of the sustenance, inspiration and awe which we personally receive from sharing in our circles.  Everyone who reads this is encouraged to write to us and share their own unique experiences of being in circle.

Penny McManigal

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