Millionth Circle


The Time Has Come to Gather the Women
Poem by Judy Grosch of Bernried, Germany

The following is a poem inspired by Jean Shinoda Bolen's recent book, Urgent Message From Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World by Judy Grosch, of Bernried, Germany who writes: Betty Karr asked me to translate a poem for the newsletter when I happened to mention a gathering that I had attended here in Bavaria . There were a number of women (I was among them) who had built a stone labyrinth on a riverbank and I had written this poem, inspired by Jean's new book, for this gathering because there were so many women and because I felt that the "consecration" of such a stone labyrinth was in its way a small answer to this urgent message. We were all there honoring the place, the stones, the earth and feminine energy and many people including children's groups have visited the labyrinth.

Stone Labyrinth

"The time has come
to gather the women!"
urges our Mother,
look into our hearts.

Create the new patterns
while dancing fresh dances
Raise high your voices
that you may be heard.

"The time has arrived,"
urges our Mother
"Carry your genius
out into our world!"

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