Millionth Circle


Rebecca KageyamaCircle Thoughts
By Rebecca Bec Kageyama
(Phrases Spoken in Circle – June 2006)

beyond culture.
exceptional woman tucked into bed.
tonality and rhythm.
collection of people enduring.
life motif of abandonment.
acceptance or just plain tired.
hearty stock.
broad shoulders to carry reindeer over the tundra.
women of influence.
could live an elegant life.
patterned what a mother could be.
if you want to cry and talk, breathe through your nose.
she was like a violin with all the extreme notes and keys.
never hide behind degrees or titles.
trail blazer.
permission to relate from the heart.
who’s talking of me?.
I wish my sister could have this experience.
accomplished and complex.
tried and arrested as an enemy of the state.
the “I love You’s didn’t happen.
a full and complete person.
I wanted a non-neurotoic relationship.
where my mother couldn’t take me , often other women have.
she was all about me.
I was the translater.
transparent and open.
letting her teach me.
why do I have to self-edit?.
she was afraid of losing the mirror in me.
her house/home of six generations was left to her daughter.
she gave up her life for me.
look pretty – act dumb.
I birth her and now she is birthing me.
integrate and satiate.
all of me.


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