Millionth Circle


UN Commission on the Status of Women Parallel Events
United Nations, New York City
March 2 – 13, 2009

Winning Strategies for Gender Equality (panel)
March 2, 10 am 2nd floor – Church Center

Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN) will host US Women Connect, anchor for the US Women’s Agenda since the 4th World Conference on Women, in conversation with women from US states and other countries on moving our agendas forward on the ‘ground and on theInternet’ toward a 5th World Conference on Women - sharing winning strategies with each other. A stellar panel from state, regional, national networks, governmental and technology perspectives will give brief remarks on their policy mechanisms and 'winning strategies’ - how they work smarter, faster, louder, followed by small ‘circle’ discussions to collect participants 'winning strategies' for a closing plenary of recommendations. This session will be posted online for an on-going ‘conversation’ on best organizing practices and paradigms.

Sponsor: Women's Intercultural Network (WIN)
Co-sponsors: US Women Connect, Afghan Women’s Association International, Bella Abzug Leadership Institute, California Women’s Agenda, Code Pink, Millionth Circle, Missouri Women’s Leadership Coalition

The Grail Story: Healing Psyche, Patriarchy and Planet
March 2, 4 pm, Grum Room-Church Center

Until feminine and masculine qualities are equally valued, there can be no equality in decision-making or care-giving by couples, families or patriarchal institutions. Cultural attitudes change when a critical number of people change their perceptions, when a tipping point is reached and that which was resisted is accepted as normal. Valuing women and valuing feminine qualities are what leads to equal rights and responsibilities. Heeding the urgent message from Mother will only be possible through the combined efforts of grassroots activism and enlightened leaders. A deeper understanding of the problem and the potential solution comes through mythic insights into the sacred feminine, the grail and goddess archetypes. Workshop led by author, Jungian analyst and activist Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D.

Sponsor: The Grail-WIST (Women’s Institute for Social Transformation).
Co-sponsors AWE (Anglican Women’s Empowerment), Pathways to Peace, and WIN (Women’s Intercultural Network)

Millionth Circle—a Form and Process for Sharing Responsibility
and Caregiving between Men and Women
March 4, noon 11th floor, Church Center

The circle is the opposite of hierarchy and when it specifically invites participants to speak from the heart and from their own experience, it enhances trust and compassion. It is a form and process that leads to sharing responsibility and caregiving between men and women. Circles support authenticity and activism. The millionth circle idea draws upon the example of how consciousness-raising groups became the women’s movement and changed the world. The millionth circle is the metaphoric circle that creates a critical mass in perception and ends patriarchy, through an egalitarian balance between masculine and feminine. There will be an experiential portion for participants to be in small circles with a center. Panelists: Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D. 5WCW , Peggy Sebera, Millionth Circle, Elly Pradervand (WWSF)

Sponsor: Pathways to Peace.
Co-sponsors: Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF), Women’s Intercultural Network (WIN). Millionth Circle.



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