Millionth Circle


UN CSW Meeting 2007 (51st Session)
FEB. 26-MAR. 9, 2007 by Jean Shinoda Bolen

The call to make a difference brought 40 women representing 5WWC to the United Nations with the infectious idea of a 5th Women’s World Conference. We wore large blue and white 5WWC buttons and gave them away as we met and talked to women from NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) who annually come when the UN Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW) meets for two weeks (February 26-March 9, 2007). Unlike the response at previous meetings, where the idea was met with doubt and resistance, this year we found widespread support for a 5WWC that would be for grassroots women and NGOs.
2007 CSW Meeting

On the NGO Parallel Events calendar, the idea of a 5th WWC was furthered through a lecture on Urgent Message From Mother: Gather the Women, Save the World and a workshop on Circles of Healing, Empowerment and Action. In addition, we gave two 5WWC workshops on the Millionth Circle. Politically, we advanced the idea through two 5WWC caucuses: the first drafted a statement that was taken to other caucuses, the second created a petition for individuals to sign, signatures were collected and petitions were taken to be signed.

A grassroots focused 5WWC in 2012 is envisioned as a process that will involve many more millions of women before, during and after the conference, however huge this gathering may be, through the proliferation of circles of women and the use of the internet. At the time of the conference, parallel gatherings of women could be held everywhere and on every scale. The power to communicate through advanced technology could reach additional millions of women, girls, men and boys in schools, businesses, and all other institutions, while media at all levels would contribute to raising consciousness about problems and solutions.

Premise: A critical number of empowered women with maternal concern
for everything vulnerable, from the Girl Child which was the theme
of this year’s UN CSW sessions to the planet and all life on it,
could end violence and bring peace into the world.


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